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Welcome to the Albuquerque Downtown Neighborhoods Association

The purpose of the DNA is to preserve and enhance neighborhoods located in the downtown area of the City of Albuquerque so that the quality of life is improved by the social, environmental, cultural, and historic needs and interests of its residents.



The Downtown Neighborhoods Association (DNA) meets every first Wednesday of the month at different locations throughout the neighborhood. For specific meeting information please see Meetings in the menu above. This is a public meeting and everyone is welcome. If you would like time on the agenda please use the contact form to reserve it and give a brief description of your needs.

Are you located in the DNA?

Find out here by clicking on the ABQ DNA boundary map.

Call for New Board Members

Our amazing neighborhood Board of Directors will be losing a few of our members this year.  While we will be very sad to see them go, it does give us an opportunity to welcome some new members.  We currently have a wonderful group of people who work together very well and our meetings are always fun and informative.  If you have any interest in joining our board and becoming more active in your community, contact Asra Elliot at asra.imtiaz@gmail.com.  You can also put yourself forward on the night itself. Membership in our board is not overly exacting, steady attendance for the monthly meetings is required, not all 12 but as many as you can.  We also ask that you participate in our major events:  The Historic Home tour, the Annual Meeting and Neighborhood Night Out.  If you’d like to go a little deeper, each event has committees that start some long-range planning.  Our Historic Home Tour, for example, is not until 2020, but we are already starting up on planning for it. We will be sharing any other necessary information during the meeting.  Thank you for being good neighbors!