Date Mon, Feb 05 2024 Time 5:30 AM
Location 513 6th St NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102, USA

Review of QuickTrip proposal, Jane's Walk introduction, Strong Town introduction, Home tour tasks and review Bylaws for AnnualĀ  Meeting.

Minute Taker

Trudi Wieduwilt
Secretary TW


Danny Senn
Chair DS


Karen Foss
Sylvia Holguin
Nancy magnusson
Beverly Salas
Vice Chair, Home Tour BS
Glen Salas
Treasurer GS
Danny Senn
Chair DS
Trudi Wieduwilt
Secretary TW
1 Review and approve January minutes For Action
2 Review and approve Treasurers report For Action
3 Review proposed QuickTrip truck stop For Discussion
4 Introduction to Janes Walk For Noting
5 Introduction to Strong Town For Noting
6 Vinaigrette liquor license For Noting
7 Bylaws correction For Action
8 Annual DNA meeting agenda and new board members For Action
9 Brochures, booties, ads, docents and house descriptions For Discussion
10 Lew Wallace activities, house drawings and notecards For Discussion
11 Duran gift cards for tour homeowners For Action